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Whatever happened to Sunday Girl?

Back in early September, we tested positive for COVID19--my husband and I, our toddler, and his entire immediate family.

It’s been a little over a year since I started Sunday Girl Digital. A lot has happened, and it’s a huge surprise to me that I am still in this space. I am grateful, nonetheless. Grateful for still having clients, and for simply being alive.

I have archived all previous posts on my Instagram and Facebook pages a few months back because I wasn’t sure of this business’ direction. Honestly (and ironically) I find it hard to create content for my own business. Why? I ask myself that, too. But maybe it’s the fear of not knowing if whether or not people will like what I will post.

Back in early September, we tested positive for COVID19–my husband and I, our toddler, and his entire immediate family. It started with my son and my nephew two weeks before I got tested. It seemed like allergies, but their pediatrician wanted to be thorough and gave us instructions and prescriptions to combat the symptoms. He turned out to be right, as the following week, my father-in-law had a fever and the next thing we know was they were quarantining. My husband and I went on quarantine that same week.

I got tested on the same day of my scheduled surgery. I spent quite a long time in the hospital, and it was the most terrible experience ever. And I am not exaggerating or anything. The service on the COVID floor was horrible. I spent almost four hours on the operating room table, waiting for my OB and her team. When the anesthesiologist finally arrived, we had a really hard time with the spinal anesthesia and it sent me on a mini-panic attack when I cannot cough anymore. Laugh at me all you want, but I didn’t know that the anesthesia would go up that high, I thought it was just going to numb my lower body.

The recovery was awful. I had a constant fear that my stitches would come off because I was coughing a lot. I also cannot smell nor taste anything so I wasn’t able to eat at all. I tried working (I brought a laptop with me) but I get dizzy when I look at the screen for too long. I was hooked up to an oxygen tank, and I catch my breath every few sentences when I speak.

It sounds super terrible, right? It was. My x-ray result came back two days later confirming that I had severe COVID19. But this forced time off, no matter how traumatic it was for me and for our entire family, it helped me reach a certain level of clarity as to what I want and need to do for Sunday Girl Digital.

I want to continue providing my existing and future clients social media content that shows who they really are, and what they can do to help their target audience. I want to help them grow an engaged audience, rather than just simply growing their following. I had to concede that numbers, most of the time, are just for vanity. While also considering using those numbers to create a better strategy.

I want my clients to not think about their numbers on social, or what they need to post, or what happens when they cannot post because of some emergency or whatnot. These are just a couple of things that I wanted to lift off my clients’ shoulders. I want them to have not to work when they’re on a hospital bed like I did. Because it wasn’t healthy, and no one should be working in that situation! (Glares at two months ago Mimi)

It wasn’t easy for me to just hop back in here on my blog and on social media as Sunday Girl, but I am here and ready to share about my business and my life. I want to share my story, and my tips, hacks, and know-how to help people, especially coaches, therapists, birth workers, bloggers, and mediums to create content that is true to their mission and personality, so they can take back time for themselves to focus on what really matters to them. Because that’s exactly what I want for me, too… which is why I am doing this. Doing my best to share what I know so a few precious minutes of their time can be spared. And so they can rest knowing that their business’ presence is maintained and is constantly being nurtured whatever emergency comes their way or if they simply want to go on a vacation for a few days.

I have so much more to say, and I’ve already made this comeback post too long (I do apologize for the ramble.) I’ll save the rest of my thoughts for another set of posts.


Mimi San Juan

Mimi San Juan

Mimi is a social media and content marketing strategist and creator, winging the wife and mom life. When she's not batch creating content or in a strategy call, Mimi enjoys reading Haruki Murakami and Anne Rice, crafting the BEST iced coffee, singing Erasure and The Carpenters in the shower, and watching Gerard Depardieu, Raul Julia, and Jeff Goldblum's entire film repertoire on repeat.

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